We will help you determine the most competitive rental price to maximize your income and minimize vacancies.

Property advertisements are listed on multiple major websites for maximum exposure.

Consistent rental open houses are held to give possible prospects many viewing opportunities.

We perform full tenant screening including credit andcriminal background check. We also verify tenant past rental history, income, and employment. All final tenant decisions are approved by owner.

Leasing fee is 50% of the full monthly rent, paid when property is rented for each new tenant.

Monthly management fee is 6-8% of gross rent.

Transfer fee for occupied properties is $300 for each unit.

Owner income is deposited directly to owner’s account on a monthly basis.

Monthly owner statements are provided via email.

Clients have easy online access to monthly statements, property maintenance information, and rental payments.

Management contract is an initial one year agreement.

No management fee due until property is rented (up to three months).

Annual inspections are performed at rental properties, to verify property is being well maintained by tenant.

We are available 24/7 to address all tenant maintenance issues.

We use our trusted vendor list to get quality work at affordable prices.

We manage all vendor billing, and deduct vendor charges from owner income. All maintenance is pre-approved by owner.